Dr. Kathy Borchardt
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"Dr. Kathy is good for me.  I left another doctor to go to her.  Our relationship works because she is aware of my situation and is very informed about my condition.  She asks me what I need to work on and gives me good practicable solutions to help.  She also recommends a website to refer to.  The next time we go back and talk about what was done and if it worked and make any changes/adjustments as needed.  I feel that we're on the same page!" - G.Y. 10/02/14

"I can't say this enough, but thank you again for everything.  I truly do not know where my progress would have been at this point without you." - R.N. 9/5/13
"I appreciate your detailed, analytical, and insightful report.  This report helps us as her parents and provides a strong foundation on how to proceed to assist our daughter." - C.D. 8/23/13

"I am so grateful to you and to the rest of my team of physicians, who are dedicated to helping me in so many ways; not only during my medical visits, but also from a personal standpoint, in that taking time during your non-working hours to follow up on something like this letter.  This is what makes you stand out among your peers; and what shows me you stand behind the oath you took as a professional.  Our system really needs more medical professionals, such as you, who truly care about their patients needs, and advocate on their behalf. Thank you, Dr. Kathy!" J.S. - 2/16/13

"Dr. Borchardt! I truly cannot thank you enough! This report is beyond amazing and detailed. We are so grateful to you! Thank you!" - P.L. 8/21/12

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