Dr. Kathy Borchardt
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Behavioral Medicine Services

Behavioral medicine is an interdisciplinary field focusing on identifying the biological, psychological, behavioral, emotional, cognitive, social, vocational, and spiritual factors important to the prevention, treatment, or management of physical health problems.  Behavioral medicine recognizes that a person’s physical, mental, emotional, social, vocational, and spiritual states impact the course of an illness, and vice versa.  Treating an illness and speeding up the body’s healing process through behavioral medicine includes addressing the various factors, traits, and states that comprise a person, so that a greater level of wholeness, health, and quality of life can be achieved.  Preferred outcomes include allowing a person to feel better physically and emotionally, increase self-care and self-advocacy, and improve the overall ability to live with chronic illness.  Studies have shown that behavioral medicine interventions can also improve the effectiveness of medical interventions. Behavioral medicine specialists can be found working in private practice as well as members of medical teams in sleep labs, oncology units, pain clinics, cardiovascular labs, diabetes education units, acute and subacute rehabilitation centers, bariatric centers, infertility clinics, wellness centers, among other specialty centers.  

Behavioral Medicine Services Offered:

  • Relaxation training
  • Distraction techniques education 
  • Guided Imagery training 
  • Self-Hypnosis training
  • Activity planning and pacing education
  • Stress management training
  • Adjustment counseling for medical conditions
  • Infertility support
  • Nonpharmacological pain management intervention
  • Nutrition
  • Weight control
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Directed breathing training

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