Dr. Kathy Borchardt
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Psychoeducational and Pediatric Neuropsychological Evaluations

 What is a Pediatric Neuropsychological Evaluation?

It involves the administration of tests to assess how the development of the brain is impacting learning, thinking, behavior, and emotions.  Psychoeducational and pediatric neuropsychological evaluations assess intelligence, achievement, learning, memory, cognitive and sensory processing, and behavioral and socio-emotional functioning.  The goal of this type of evaluation is to better understand a person’s unique learning style and, if necessary, to assist in developing an individualized education plan to help the child reach his or her potential.  The education plan could include remediation, accommodations, and behavioral intervention recommendations.  Another goal of a pediatric neuropsychological evaluation is to use the results of the assessment to educate parents about the best way to help their child reach his or her educational and personal potential. 
Appropriate referrals are made as part of the evaluation process.

 Common reasons for a referral for a Neuropsychological Evaluation:

  • to discern the presence and type of learning disability
  • to assess for the presence of ADHD
  • to differentiate between the various Pervasive Developmental Disorders (Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Non-Verbal Learning Disability, etc.)
  • to assess developmental delays for early intervention purposes
  • to determine the functional and learning effects of a traumatic brain injury or medical condition
  • to assist in the differentiation between a learning, emotional, social, cognitive, behavioral, or environmental condition.

 What are the components of a Pediatric Neuropsychological or Psychoeducational Evaluation?


Each evaluation is individualized and typically includes the assessment of:

  • intelligence
  • academic achievement (reading, writing, arithmetic, etc.)
  • memory
  • processing ability and speed
  • executive function skills such as problem solving, organization, and planning
  • expressive and receptive language
  • visual-spatial and visual-motor abilities
  • attention and concentration
  • behavioral, emotional, and social functioning (can include teacher and therapist interviews, and classroom observations).
Parent and examinee interviews, consultation with the child's medical providers and education staff, and a review of academic and medical records is also often included as part of the assessment.

A typical evaluation consists of an hour-long parent and/or examinee interview, 4-6 hours of testing (usually divided up over two appointments), and a 1 hour feedback session for the results. The exact time involved in each evaluation is individualized and based on an examinee’s needs and the presenting areas of concern.

 What are Dr. Kathy Borchardt’s fees for a neuropsychological evaluation?

The fee for a psychoeducational evaluation is $250.00 per hour.  This fee covers time spent gathering information from parents, schools, and others working with the child; reviewing records; testing the child; scoring and interpreting the tests; writing the comprehensive report (including background information, results, and recommendations); and meeting with the parents to discuss results and recommendations.  In addition, child advocacy and/or attendance at the child’s school intervention meetings are also billed at $250.00 per hour.  Most complete evaluations range from $2,000-$2,500. 

Dr. Borchardt will submit insurance claims to insurance companies. Co-pay amounts are due at the first visit with her.  Parents are responsible for determining benefit coverage and expected co-pay amounts.  Should your insurance company require a CPT code for preauthorization or pre-certification, the CPT codes Dr. Borchardt uses are 96116 and 96118.  Most insurance companies reimburse for these CPT codes. Neuropsychological assessment is typically covered under the medical, not the mental health, coverage of your insurance plan. We also accept FSA and HAS credit card payment, personal checks, and cash. 

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